Overwhelmed by the bookkeeping required for your small business? Unsure if you are handling your accounting correctly?  Wondering where your profits and expenses are in relation to the overall business.  Understanding the financial health of your business is crucial to it’s growth.  I am here to help!

Small business accounting can seem intimidating and overly complex. Because it is! I have the experience and skills necessary to take this burden off your plate and free you up to do what you do best: build your business. Don’t continue to struggle with something when your time would be better spent elsewhere. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to understand how cost effective it can be to invest in a professional to handle your accounting.  This can save you a bundle at tax time because your paperwork is already organized and ready to be reported.

Several packages are available to suit any size business.  I can do as little or as much as you need.

Contact me today to discuss what your pain points are and how I can be of assistance. Free no obligation consultation!

Options Available:

The initial setup and configuration of your accounting software is critical, otherwise you run the risk of having to undo an incorrect setup — or worse, you can think the system is correct but you are getting incorrect reports and accounting results.

Accounting software can be an important tool to help save you time and run your business effectively. Don’t take any chances when it comes to getting your software configured correctly — I am here to help!

I am able to help with the following:

  • Set-up of an online account
  • Creation of users, with correct permissions
  • Correctly configure your business chart of accounts
  • Set up all required income and expense categories
  • Set up pricing, inventory, services, and sales tax
  • Configure for proper payroll handling
  • Configure customer accounts
  • Properly set up bank accounts
  • Enter YTD historical transactions, for a complete set of data in current fiscal year
Checkup & Cleanup

If you are already using an accounting software, but you are concerned that it might not be set up correctly, or you may be using it incorrectly — or if you review the reports and they just don’t seem to make sense, then a review of your installation may be in order.

Depending on exactly what your concerns are, or what I see when I first look over your system, a full, partial or customized review may be in order. Along with this review, a full set of findings and corrective actions will be provided so will you not only know what is going on with your system, you will understand why – and you will understand how to keep the system running smoothly going forward.

Just a few of the things I look at when doing a Checkup:

  • Are reconciliations being done on time and correctly?
  • Are all transactions clearing, as they should?
  • Are transactions being carried to the correct accounts?
  • Are classes being utilized correctly?
  • Is chart of accounts set up appropriately for your business?
  • Is inventory being handled correctly?
  • Are asset and liability accounts correct?
  • Does anything look odd?
  • Are there any strange period-to-period variances that can’t be explained?

I will perform as detailed an analysis as required, and make sure your system is set up correctly and that you and your employees are using it the proper way. If additional customized training is needed, I will be happy to discuss that with you as well.


Reporting is a powerful business management tool. Software reports have a ton of data and can provide valuable insight to how your business is performing and what required tasks are to keep your books under control. The key to this is your ability to derive meaningful, useful reports from your software – which is not always an easy task.

I am able to provide customized, directed help in the area of reporting and analytics. From basic financial reporting to inventory management to budgeting and forecasts — my experience with providing critical reports will become a key component of your ongoing business operations.

Types of reports I am able to set up for you:

  • Company and Financial: Detailed information about financial performance
  • Customers and Receivables: Track and age payments owed by customers
  • Purchases: Review purchases and purchase orders
  • Banking: All bank transactions, deposits, uncleared checks, etc.
  • Sales: By rep, customer, item, orders – or any other sales analysis
  • Vendors and Payables: See how much you are spending and analyze payments due
  • General Reports: Customer Lists, Vendors, etc.
  • Employees and Payroll: All aspects of employee and payroll expenses
  • Taxes: Sales, state and federal taxes, income tax readiness
  • Inventory: Monitor inventory value, turns, COGS and physical reconciliation
  • Job Costing: Analyze jobs for estimating accuracy, P&L analysis and time spent
  • Budgets and Forecasts: Help with planning and track spending or income against budgets

Don’t struggle trying to get useful data out of your accounting system – give me a call and I will work with you to make sure you are getting every penny’s worth of value out of your dollar and time investment in using the software to run your business financials.


I make sure you and your employees understand your accounting software so the general accounting practices you employ with your business will make complete sense. I cover all of the key concepts and transaction types you will be using, as well as reconciliation, reports and troubleshooting when things don’t look right.

Just a few of the topics I can cover, as needed:

  • Invoicing, credit memos and returned checks
  • Entering payments correctly
  • Handling un-deposited funds the right way
  • Connecting incoming bills to outgoing payments, to assure accounting integrity
  • Handling inventory so COGS is always kept accurate
  • Job tracking, customer payments and expenses
  • Using online banking effectively
  • Account reconciliation
  • Utilizing classes correctly, generating income and balance sheets
  • All types of reporting, modifying reports and using reports
  • Identifying, diagnosing and fixing problems
  • Closing out accounting periods correctly